Consider what is concerning you. What has spurred you to visit this site?

Counselling/Therapy can help you to explore the conscious and unconscious processes which underly the problem experienced. Over a period of time you will develop skills and awareness with which to make changes for yourself.

                     Unsettled waters

My work with Individuals, Young People and Couples Includes

  • Work Stress.
  • Stress & Anxiety.
  • Relationships.
  • Family.
  • Depression.
  • Personal Growth & Development.
  • Bereavement & Loss.
  • Low Self Confidence.
  • Personal Identity issues.
  • Trauma.
  • Sexual Abuse.
  • Career Counselling.
  • Pre and Post Natal anxiety.
  • Work / Life Balance.

The list is far from complete and your particular experience will be unique.

Sometimes there is not a specific ‘issue’ and clients just wish to take stock of their lives and check their direction, or just need someone to talk with. Whatever your need call and we can arrange an initial session and discuss any other questions you may have.

We work together to help you help yourself to find a better future.

Phone: 07494 299 314

Understanding and supportive

Thank you so much for everything. Without a doubt you helped get me through possibly the hardest time in my life and I am so grateful. I feel the work I have done with you has given me the skills to deal with the challenges that lay ahead. You have always remained calm, understanding and supportive and helped me explore issues that I haven’t had the confidence to address in the past. Thank you, you are a wonderful woman x


From strength to strength

Since leaving you we have gone from strength to strength in our lives together. We laugh, go on dates, send loving texts, spend “alone” time, enjoy each other’s company. It’s been a new beginning. We can’t undo what is done and there are times when inevitably I think about the past, but I always manage to think about how lucky we are to have come through things happier and stronger than ever. We feel lucky!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving us. It sounds dramatic but that’s what it feels like. I wish you a happy and healthy new year and hope that you continue to help many others as you have done for us.


Recommend Lindy wholeheartedly

My husband and I went to see Lindy at a time of major crisis in our 25 year marriage. I literally found Lindy on a web search (neither of us had wanted to ask anyone we knew for a recommendation! ) and we feel very fortunate to have chanced upon her. Words that come to mind about Lindy are caring, calm, compassionate, sympathetic, sensible, experienced and more. Lindy chooses her words and phrases carefully and makes suggestions and observations rather than absolutes. We were both made to feel equally important in the sessions, that both our feelings were equally valid. Visiting Lindy gave us the space and framework to explore all the issues and feelings that we needed to address to get us back on track. We would both recommend Lindy wholeheartedly for her counselling and we are both so grateful for her help and miss her now that the sessions are over!


Positive impact in my life

Came to see Lindy after an extremely stressful and emotional time in my life. Lindy was very warm, understanding and did not judge in anyway whilst being ultra-professional.

She helped me to find the tools that were already within me to understand what I had been through, break it down into bite size chunks and deal with it all step by step.

This process had such a positive impact in my life that I have found new ways to deal with old habits whilst getting a much greater understanding of myself and those close to me. I would have no hesitation is recommending Lindy for any form of counselling or therapy.


I now feel stronger

I came to see Lindy after a traumatic event left me feeling very disturbed. She gently guided me through the feelings that I was experiencing. Her observations were very constructive and helpful, both in terms of the recent trauma and also with regard to my approach to difficulties in general. Over 6 weeks, my distress went from being overwhelming to being manageable and then to being barely present at all. She was very protective which meant that despite dealing with sensitive topics, I was left calmed by the sessions rather than upset. I now feel stronger and better equipped to deal with future troubles. I would not hesitate to recommend Lindy to anyone suffering after trauma and I am very grateful for her wisdom and kindness.


I learned an awful lot about myself

I had never sought counselling before and was apprehensive about how it would feel talking to a complete stranger about what were very personal problems but I found Lindy very approachable and easy to open up to. After my relationship ended I was feeling very lost, struggling to deal with the impact of what had happened and it was starting to affect my ability to do my job, but she helped me to work through those feelings, in a ‘safe space’ and make sense of them, to get to a place where I could accept and move on from it. Lindy was very flexible about appointments and set out a structure for our sessions which gave me a way to focus on and talk through the different layers of what was happening for me. I learned an awful lot about myself and how past experiences have affected me. I found it invaluable to have this support and have come out the other side feeling more positive, self-aware and with a new outlook on the future. Lindy handled my situation professionally and sensitively and I would certainly recommend approaching her for help.


Thank you Lindy

Our daughter had lots of anxiety relating to her grandparents, especially when they would go for the long walks, or out and about shopping. She would call them every few hours; this resulted in getting my parents stressed and also stressing out the rest of the family. We could not understand how an intelligent and quiet girl would be so nervous. After we introduced our daughter to Lindy within a month we could notice a great difference in her, and she appears calmer when her grandparents are out. Thank you Lindy, we are grateful for your expertise in helping our daughter in less than a month!!!

Mr & Mrs P

Hours of heartfelt conversation

We undertook a series of sessions with Lindy after a period of crisis in our marriage. Many years of marriage, careers and managing a family into our mid-forties somehow masked a growing rift in our relationship and it became obvious that although we deeply respected each other, we weren’t together in so many ways.

With Lindy’s counselling and many hours of heartfelt conversation we have navigated our relationship into a better place and although we are still working towards a better understanding of each other, without Lindy we are certain that our journey would have been even harder or may not have survived at all.

Faced with everything to lose, we would recommend a period of considered mediation with Lindy, in the hope that you, like us, can renew your relationship.


Listened, supported and advised

I found Lindy because I was having unbearable stress at work, but I was not in a position to leave my job. On our first visit we immediately clicked and I was so impressed by her professionalism and ability to grasp names and understand a very complicated situation. During the course of more than 9 months, she listened, supported and advised in a most beneficial way. By the end of this episode, I had stayed the course at work, recovered my self-confidence and learned life skills from Lindy that will stay with me forever. I am grateful for the work we did together and I would not have survived this horrible experience without her insights, her clarity of thought and at every stage her constructive suggestions.


Skilled, experienced, knowledgeable

I had counselling with Lindy at a time in my life when I was experiencing a very painful and difficult relationship. From the beginning I found Lindy to be a warm and friendly person with whom it was easy to engage. Her professional skills were of a very high standard. She was non-judgmental and listened really well to my story. She was able to provide me with good insight into my situation and she also had really good analytical skills. As a result I was able to gain a better understanding of my problems and how I came to be where I was at that point in my life. I have no hesitation in recommending Lindy as a counsellor because she is skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and yet an extremely human and warm person.


Turn the negatives into positives

I had the good fortune to go onto a journey of understanding myself with the competent guidance of Lindy Medway. I was 46 years old and lost emotionally after experiencing a very traumatic break up of relationship that lasted 7 years.

The journey I speak of uncovered a way of living and thinking that was completely new to me. I learned with the help of Lindy to understand myself and what made me ‘tick’ and most importantly that there was an alternative way to look and think about things on a different level.

She helped me to turn the negatives into positives, she helped me to come to terms with my past and allow the ugly experiences to be stored safely and quietly. With Lindy’s help I was able to control negative thoughts and rise above them. This took practice but at last I had the tools and the know-how to do it.

It was a slow process but a thorough one and I will always be grateful for her guidance and enlightenment.


Pragmatic, straight forward and measured

I worked with Lindy alongside my wife and as an individual over the course of a couple of years and honestly believe every session was worthwhile.

Lindy was very skilled at providing thought provoking insights into issues and regularly surprised me by suggesting new perspectives to challenge entrenched thoughts, memories, ideas and behaviours.

Lindy’s style is pragmatic, straight forward and measured and I would gladly recommend her services to anyone looking for an experienced and wise counsellor.