I learned an awful lot about myself

Saturday 31st March 2018

I had never sought counselling before and was apprehensive about how it would feel talking to a complete stranger about what were very personal problems but I found Lindy very approachable and easy to open up to. After my relationship ended I was feeling very lost, struggling to deal with the impact of what had happened and it was starting to affect my ability to do my job, but she helped me to work through those feelings, in a ‘safe space’ and make sense of them, to get to a place where I could accept and move on from it. Lindy was very flexible about appointments and set out a structure for our sessions which gave me a way to focus on and talk through the different layers of what was happening for me. I learned an awful lot about myself and how past experiences have affected me. I found it invaluable to have this support and have come out the other side feeling more positive, self-aware and with a new outlook on the future. Lindy handled my situation professionally and sensitively and I would certainly recommend approaching her for help.